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Exhibition time is approaching. Thank you to all the schools which have submitted work. We do hope you will come and see it when it is on display. Please see the invitation here:

All work will be returned to schools at the end of the exhibition.

Thank you for choosing to take part in this year’s CAYAC exhibition at Kimbolton School. All work to be included in the exhibition should be delivered to Kimbolton School between 21-25 January. It should be dropped off at the main reception which is open between 8.30 am – 4.00 pm during the week. If you are unable to deliver your work within ths time or need help with the delivery of your work, please contact Margaret Gledhill at who will be able to advise.

Arts Society volunteers may be able to help transport your work from your school to the exhibition venue at Kimbolton School. Look out for more information about this.

5 Replies to “News”

  1. Kirsty Fox

    Who were the winners ? We were not able to attend the event and my son Isaac Fox was one of the exhibits from Abbey College Ramsey

  2. Ellie

    How can I get some information about the next young artist exhibition, my daughter is going to Colville Primary School in Cambridge and is really intrested to take part. As she can not join as an individual I had a talk about it with the principle and promised him to collect some info. So the school would try to participate. I really appreciate if you help me in this regard.

  3. Bob Woodham

    Thanks for your comment. We are updating the website.


    The Webmaster

  4. Bob Woodham

    Good afternoon Ellie
    We are updating the website and you should be able to find what you need soon.

    The Webmaster

  5. Bob Woodham

    Good afternoon Kirsty

    We are updating the website and this information should be available soon.


    The Webmaster

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